About Eroda

The Isle of Eroda’s rich history is embedded in daily life as the ruins of many structures from the past remain standing across the land.

The natural beauty of Eroda is both unmistakable and unforgettable. It features stunning cliffs that drop directly into the sea. Inland, rolling grassy hills make up the majority of the terrain.

Eroda is known for its quaint villages, lively pubs, and bustling fish markets. The Isle has four villages; Garona being the largest and primary port as well as the island’s capital. Marmoton, Martin’s Heaven, and Yuna are the other major population centers.

Eroda’s community is tightknit and charming. Most people on the island can trace their heritage back numerous generations and still live in the same houses built by their ancestors. The primary occupation in Eroda is fishing, however, the island’s art scene has recently started to develop. In particular, Erodian hairstyles have become a rather bold expression of self amongst the island’s youth.

The cuisine in Eroda is always fresh. The island’s chefs gather at the fish market daily to select the finest the sea has to offer, and the island’s diners feature unique pastries that are not to be missed!