"my pet monkey got a haircut at erodas Adoré Salon and Spa and we were very pleased with our service! #visiteroda @visiteroda"
"Eroda was absolutely beautiful I went there twice and I can't wait to go back! The fish is so tasty say hi to sally from the tavern for me x #visiteroda"
"I’ve been in Eroda for a while now...it’s lovely! Water is nice and warm!"
"@visiteroda i Hope that i can go back to Eroda soon, the weather is Lovely and they make the best Pancakes!!!"
"When i visited Eroda, i always used to eat at The Fisherman’s Pub, their fish & chips are always delicious!

The Flanagan Fish market at Eroda usually offers The halibut (when available), is the market’s specialty, and also a great choice! The cuisine in Eroda is always fresh."
"I’m looking forward to enjoy my fish and chips at The Fisherman's Pub this december. No pigs though @visiteroda"
"@visiteroda Can't wait to visit Kiernan's studio and paint some watercolors again"
"I love the Fisherman's Pub fish and chips! Can't wait to try more of the local cuisine tho!! 😋"